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Posted On: 07/06/20 20:04
Water Recycling system for granite industry - Reecon Aqua Green Technologies India


Wastewater Treatment for Stone Cutting Industries in India

Granite industry uses a lot of water for block cutting and polishing of the final products. In most cases, this water is unscientifically processed and sends out drain/reuse. But, if this used water is processed properly, the entire water can be recycled and reuse for the process again and again. Recon provides complete automated treatment scheme for the treatment of used water in the granite processing industry.
Design to erection and commissioning of automated treatment plant of modular capacity available for processing the granite industry used water. No hazardous chemicals used. Treat, reuse and save the precious water resource.

Reecon Aqua Green Technologies offers cost-effective Wastewater treatment solution for Granite Industries in India. We have executed several projects in Bangalore, India

The cost of clean water is going up, and by using a Water Recycling System, it can reduce costs, provide an adequate supply of water, and keep you in compliance with new regulatory demands.

Benefits of Using Recycling Water in the Granite Industry
Very Inexpensive Equipment
Safe and Easy to Operate
Lower Maintenance Costs
Easily to Scale and Expand for Production
Very Fast Extractions
Save Money on the Cost of Water
Save Money on Sewage and Disposal Costs






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