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Posted On: 20/06/20 15:45
BIOGAS PURIFICATION AND REFINING - Reecon Aqua Green Technologies Pvt Ltd



Biogas purification and refining process reduce the harmful gas elements from the biogas. In this process, the carbon dioxide content of the gas is reduced to 4-6%. In the raw gas methane content was 55-60% and carbon dioxide 40 - 45%. After purification, the purity of the gas improved to CH4, 94 - 96% and CO2, 4 - 6%. In this process water/ chemicals is the medium used for scrubbing of the gas. There are two columns in operation. One for Co2 absorption and the second for stripping of the absorbed C02.

The hydrogen sulphide present in the gas is removed /reduced in the desulphonator. After purification, the hydrogen sulphide content has reduced to less than 100ppm. The hydrogen sulphide content in the crude gas, which is otherwise very harmful to the gas engines, as well other equipment when it is used for thermal applications. In the digester itself the sulphur content can be reduced to the bare minimum by introducing proper treatment to the feed.

In this complete process of biogas purification and sulphur removal, there is no emission of any harmful gas, liquid or solid to the environment. By converting organic biodegradable mass to biogas, reduces the green house gas emission to a large extent, otherwise happen due to the decay of this material. As compared to carbon dioxide, methane is 21 times more harmful to the environment. The whole process operation is made fully automatic.


 1600 cu.mtr / day Biogas purification and refining unit. - Reecon Aqua Green Technologies Pvt Ltd

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