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Posted On: 28/07/20 08:24
PACKAGED DRINKING WATER PLANT - Reecon Aqua Green Technologies


PACKAGED DRINKING WATER PLANT - Reecon Aqua Green Technologies

It has been proved in a survey by the World Health Organization (WHO) that 80% of the diseases caused are waterborne. Any source of water will contain pathological bacteria, and viruses that cause diseases like, POLIO GASTEROENTERITIES, AMOEBIOSIS, CHOLERA, and DYSENTRY ETC.


In addition to biological and chemical contamination, water sources are often polluted by external sources making them totally unsafe for drinking water purposes. Drinking water must ideally be free of Microorganisms, excess mineral content and it should be aesthetically acceptable, to be free of turbidity, Colour, odor and any objectionable taste.


Standards prescribed for drinking water also described as potable water are not sufficient for Bottling the same as Packaged drinking water/Mineral water. Potable water is for immediate consumption once supplied by urban or rural water supply agencies. Bottled water standards are more stringent and should give aesthetically better quality and long shelf life.


REECON has completed a number of packaged drinking water projects of varying  capacity. We are the Leading Manufacturer of Packaged Drinking Water Plants in India. We Deal in the best quality Packaged Drinking Water Plant.


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