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The process of treating sewage effluent using organic Nano flocculent product is simple. Sewage effluent from the premises will be collected to the main collection tank after the bar screen chamber and oil and grease removing trap. The sewage is pumped to mixing thank, were the sewage will be mixed with organic product. This will digest the organic pollutants, flocculate and disinfect the waste water. After the process completed it is allowed to settle. This clean water is filtered through sand filter and carbon filter is free from colour , ordour, and free of harmful bacteria like E-Coli, Salmonella. This water is safe for reuse.







The treated water has low BOD and COD. It does not have an offensive odour. It is clear and has
low TSS. It contains no harmful salts and conforms to all the standard parameters for re-usable
grade water set by the World Health Organization and the Central Pollution Control Board.

The advantageous of this plant are.
• Fully Automatic plant operation and, tailor made units.
• Manpower requirement for plant operation minimal
• Less foot print area required for plant and equipments.
• Consume less energy and cost economical.
• No sound pollution from plant and machinery.
• Easy shifting modular design plant design

• Capacity can be increased any time by adding modules

• Less installation and commissioning time. 
• Plant can be operated and any level of load. 
• It provides sustainable treated water.

100 KLD Plant installed in an existing Flat cellar

Nano technology, Effluent treatment, Sewage treatment, Plant automation

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