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Posted On: 12/06/20 15:53


In recent decades the Uranium has become an important commodity in the energy sector along with oil, natural gas and coal. Uranium is used primarily in nuclear power reactors for the production of electricity. But the occurrence of uranium in nature in the form of deposit is very rare. It is a known factor that the groundwater and surface water in the Uranium mining area contain dissolved uranium as well as other heavy minerals. Hence to meet the demand, it is essential to consider the quantities of Uranium dissolved in groundwater and surface water around Uranium mining areas.

In the present study a technique has been developed and adopted for the beneficiation of Uranium dissolved in groundwater and surface waters around Uranium mining areas. Apart from the beneficiation of Uranium, in the present study, other heavy minerals having economic importance that are collected in different stages can be utilized. Water purification is the secondary factor in the present study, where water is purified by the removal of all the harmful mineral impurities and highly purified drinking water can be extracted. Environmental safety is the other valuable outcome in the present study.


This paper was published by our Director Dr. Ragaranjan in Internation Journel of Basic and Applied Chemical Science.

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