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Reecon manufacture supply and commission biodegradable cutlery plants of varying capacity from agro waste residues. The plant can produce plates, bowels, cups, take away container and tumbler of varying sizes based on the customer requirement. Agro waste materials like Wheat bran, Rice bran, Rice husk, Apple prunes, Pineapple leaf, Wheat bran and Rice bran, Tea waste, PLA with bran etc can be used as the raw materials.

Manuel to fully automatic plants is available as per the customer requirement, with advanced robotic control. Plant capacity ranging from 60 to 1000 pieces per hour can be produces as per demand. All the products are 100% biodegradable and replacement to single use plastic.

 biodegradable cutlery making

 biodegradable cutlery desighn



We are proud to present ourselves as a pioneer in the design and development of this indigenous make, taking the cue and insight of globally renowned manufacturers..

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New Projects

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