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Nanotechnology Process   is one among them comprise of techniques such that, under certain conditions, transform the vast majority of organic contaminants into carbon dioxide, water, and inorganic ions as a result of oxidation reactions. In recent decades, problems affecting the environmental quality of ecosystems have become increasingly critical and frequent. One of the major environmental problems today refers to the impact associated with the disposal of Industrial wastewater and Used water / Sewage water  into superficial and underground water bodies.


Solutions to the treatment of Industrial and Sewage  waste water required require different treatment process such as Physical, Chemical and Biological. With the Nanotechnology or Advance Electro coagulation this problem can be solved in a simple treatment process


 Nanotechnology/ Advanced Electro coagulation is an attractive alternative to conventional treatment process in Effluent treatment and Sewage treatment application. It can treat any variety of water pollution such as phenols, formaldehyde, pesticides, and rubber chemicals and so on. It is an effective method for the oxidation of organic pollutants.  Nanotechnology and Electro coagulation Process  has been used for different treatment processes because of its ease operation, the simple system and the possibility to work in a wide range of temperatures.

Features of the process

Automatic plant operation and, tailor made units.

Civil work requirement reduced by 80%

Manpower requirement for plant operation minimal

Less foot print area required for plant and equipments.

Nanotechnology and Advanced Electro coagulation  consume less energy and cost economical compared to any other process

No sound pollution from plant and machinery.

 Easy shifting modular design plant design


Low installation and assembly costs

Plant can be operated and any level of load.

It provides sustainable treated water.


Nanotechnology and Advanced Electro coagulation  Process  destabilize the colloids contained in a quantity of effluent/sewage, thereby separate the clear water from other contaminants present. The nano actions  weakens the bonding of the contaminants in the 

waste water/effluent, resulting clear water, free from bacteria. Unlike chemical process, to achieve the result aerator has to work continuously. In this process the colloidal matter present in a quantity of waste water is gathered together as compounds resulting   to allow the colloids to be separated from the waste water. As the operation is simplified with the Nanotechnology and Advanced Electro coagulation process, the operation is hassle free and free from manual intervention.


Reecon adopted the most Advanced Nanotechnology process(ANP) for  processing of sewage and commercial effluent with this process. 98% of the effluent can be recovered and re used. The treated water can be used for flushing, car washing, floor  cleaning, cooling tower application. The feature of this technology is that it requires less space and very minimal civil work. It is plug and use type plant with full automation.

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