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Reecons AEWAR technology is one of the advanced version of the elecro coagulation process. Complete re-use of the treated effluent for process application, with AEWAR technology. In this Advanced Electro Wave Recovery process, oils, grease, colour, smell, minerals and total dissolved solids can be reduced from all types of effluents. There is no chemical consumption and the plant operation is fully automatic

E-Coagulation treatment of industrial waste waters/ Commercial effluent is a fast emerging alternative to biological treatment. The significance of this treatment is more emphasized in plants, due to various advantages the process offers.  Plants have their own dynamics w.r.t space availability, operating cost, non availability of high skilled manpower to run the plant and noise pollution.

The E-Coagulation process is very similar to normal chemical coagulation – the difference is that it uses electrical energy. Both processes aim to destabilize the colloids contained in a quantity of water, but they differ in the method used to add the reagent. In conventional coagulation, the reagent is added as a salt, whereas in electro coagulation, it is generated from a metal.


E-Coagulation can be defined as an electrochemical process during which the colloidal matter present in a quantity of wastewater is gathered together using compounds resulting from the dissolving of an anode in order to allow the colloids to be separated from the wastewater using conventional techniques.

The following are the PROCESS HIGHLIGHTS of REECON- EC:

  • Civil works are bare minimum.
  • No biological treatment, Air blower, Diffusers and their associated maintenance issues
  • Plant can be operated and any level of load. This is impossible in conventional plants.
  • Plant operating cost is directly proportional to the quantity of waste treated.
  • It provides sustainable treated water.

2. E-Coagulation process

Every non bio stable compound exhibits bond energy. When the force applied is greater than the bond energy, there is break down of the compound. When the force is in the form of “passage of electrons” i.e. electricity, this break down results in the formation of carbon ash + hydrogen gas.  This formation is generic for Industrial and commercial effluents and is not restricted to sewage alone.




The following are the features of REECON- EC process:

  • Remove heavy metals
  • Break oil emulsion in water.  Remove  and separate, oils and fats
  • Oxidation of organic material/breaking of organic molecules
  • Reduction and/or elimination of eco toxicity
  • Removal of bacteria, viruses, and parasites
  • Removal and separation of suspended solids and colloids
  • Elimination of smell.
  • Reduction of Total dissolved solids.



− Less civil work. Easy shifting modular design plant design

− Less built up area and easy for installation.

− Less power consumption and easy to operate.

− Treatment for multiple contaminants

− Low sludge formation

−  Low operating and maintenance costs

− Does not require chemical products

− Elimination of colours and odours

− Instant treatment

− Possibility of modular / packaged system/enlargement

− Does not require building work

− Automatic operation, low maintenance

− Does not require a large amount of space.

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