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Process automation systems / plant automation are preferred by most of the industry for easy and smooth function of the plant or process. Automation avoids human intervention, operational inefficiency and unsafe operating conditions. Plant / Process operating settings are automatically achieved with the use of suitable controllers, analyzers and monitors to meet the best operating practices, by using a flexible programmable operating system with PLC and HMI.




Improved data accessibility: The process is always data-driven. Automated systems are supported by a network of dependable data-collection equipment. These devices provide real-time data on the

Equipment operation time

Plant working hours

Equipment due for operation

Less loss during the process

A number of dedicated operation staff requirements also can be reduced.

Automated systems are poised to make more efficient than ever before


Bringing outdated systems up to date: Automated systems are frequently intended to interact with existing technology and offer plant managers with more information about which equipment is operating and which is not.


Reduced plant energy and chemical consumption: Energy consumption is one of the most expensive aspects of any wastewater treatment system. Traditional system upgrade enhancements can help reduce costs and save money, but they don't address and solve the issues caused by a lack of data regarding plant equipment and processes. Automated treatment systems can help a facility save money by reducing the amount of electricity and controlling consumables


Maintenance and predictive diagnostics/operation conditions.

Predictive maintenance of equipment can be planned as per the data availability.

Operator error can be completely eliminated thereby reducing uneven plant operating conditions.

Electrical management automatically shut down the activities that are about to fail.

This forewarning can allow administrators and a manager to arrange repairs before the problem arises, saving money on downtime or system replacement.


The plants will be more efficient than ever before thanks to automation technology.


Industrial sector wise

Water and wastewater treatment plants, Biogas plants, Battery plants, food industry, Granite stone processing, Biodegradable cutlery plants, Biomass processing plants, Dairy plants and other industrial processes and plants.


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