Sludge dewatering

It is an high efficiency low power consumption solids-liquid separator ideal for separating solids from biogas plant outlet slurry. It includes a screw conveyor and diaphragm, with gravity and mechanical pressing principles of separation. This machine is designed to separate the liquid phase from the solid phase in a wide range of bio gas slurry. This doesn’t required any flocculants or chemicals.

The SLS receives the material to be separated and conveys it using the screw conveyor form inlet to the body, the separator casing. The liquid phase is separated in body through the wedge wire mesh screen which encloses the screw conveyor. Since inlet and outlet are inclined the gravity helps to increase the efficiency. Along with its path toward the outlet, the material separates progressively the thin liquid and then the thick liquid until almost dry material has formed before the outlet. The SLS will automatically find its balance of squeezing force depending on the material. Consequently, it can be used for a wide range of materials without any manual adjustments.


Sludge dewatering, Screw press, Filtration and Decantation.





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Sludge dewatering

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