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Torrefaction is a thermal process in an oxygen-free environment to convert biomass into Bio Coal which can replace Coal. The Torrefaction process removes hemicelluloses, oils, pitch, sugars, resins and other volatiles, without losing the heating value of the final product, Bio Coal. The by-products obtained are bio-oil and syn gas which can be used in various applications.

Bio Coal can replace Coal or reduce the consumption of coal which plays a vital role in combating climate change and environmental protection. REECON team design and install fully automatic continuous operation torrefaction plants.



Keywords: Torrefaction, Gasification, Carbonization, Bio coal, Bio-oil.




The complete torrefaction plant is designed and built by Reecon Aqua Green Technologies PVT. LTD. Renewable energy company, focusing on the torrefaction of biomass.


Reecon Aqua Green Technologies PVT. LTD
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New Projects

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